About Us


"God couldn't be everywhere so he created yummymumies."

 Monica and Denise, the women behind INDIGObaby, were college blockmates and thesis partners years ago. They stood by each other through family matters, heartbreaks, career paths and other more serious life changes making them true karmic sisters. They coincidentally chose motherhood after a life of ambivalence. Their sons Santi & Benny are 1 month and 1 day apart; bestfriends from the start!


"There's no way to be a
perfect mother and a million ways to be a
good one"

 The company has been lucky enough that most of their customers consider their products to be just that – a blessing. That’s because Indigobaby offers an array of life-saving products sure to enrich every parent and baby’s lives. Their all-natural bath and body line, Baby Pouch carriers and Boncho nursing covers all promote a lifestyle of natural childcare, breastfeeding and attachment parenting – things the two are very passionate about.


"The greatest contribution to the universe
may not be something you do,
but someone you raise."

Indigobaby’s All-natural Bath & Body Care line is a collection of everyday skincare essentials. Free from Parabens, artificial perfumes, petrochemicals, Lanolin and other unnecessary ingredients, it is perfect for both parent and baby’s sensitive skin. One of their bestsellers is the Jar of Hope First Aid Gel. Made with blue chamomile, this one-of-a-kind gel is a tried and tested lifesaver for fussy babies.

Also a must-have in every baby bag, Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me is a citronella-based insect-repellant that’s safe and effective against dangerous mosquitoes. Another bestseller is the Sleepyhead All-In-One Spray, a delightful concoction of lavender and chamomile pure essential oils that can silence the mind and calm the spirit. Best for insomnia, tantrums, stressful situations.