Skin Smoothing Body Brush

Skin Smoothing Body Brush

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Smoothen, tone, detox, balance. This Skin Smoothing Body Brush supports the body’s natural system of repair and rejuvenation. Dry brushing stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic flow to shed excess water and toxins naturally. It exfoliates dead skin cells, cleanses the pores from dirt, residue, and excess oil which improving texture and encouraging cell renewal. Including dry brushing in your daily ritual eventually leads to a more radiant skin tone, reducing the appearance of dark spots, scars and breaks down cellulite by evenly distributing fat around the body.

Dry Brushing step by step

– Step in the shower naked, make sure you’re dry.
– Brush your skin from the feet and toward your heart in long, sweeping strokes, following the lymph flow. Make sure to brush several times and that all areas are covered.
– Lather up once you’re done brushing, use your all-natural handcrafted bar soap from this set to wash away dead skin cells.
– Rinse up, alternating between hot and cold water stimulates blood circulation
– After showering, apply a plant-based oil (we suggest our Olive Body Oil), and air dry or lightly dry with a towel.

7.87 X 3.15 X 1.18 inches.